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WApt-TV part-time Meteorologist

August 2023- Present


I am currently a part-time meteorologist for Jackson's 16 WAPT News in Jackson, Mississippi while working towards my Master's degree. I work weekend mornings (Saturday & Sunday 5 AM, 6 AM, 8 AM) once or twice a month. I forecast for central and south Mississippi using numerical weather prediction models, including ensembles and high-resolution mesoscale models. I analyze and asses current and future weather data to put together a 7 day forecast and weather story. I create and update graphics using Baron Lynx software and present the information on air and to social media.

NWS Student Volunteer

may 2023- august 2023


I volunteered at the National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office of New Orleans/Baton Rouge summer 2023. I worked on a couple weather communication projects while as a volunteer. I assisted with creating a template for NWS forecasters to use to create "Reels" and "YouTube Shorts" as another way to communicate weather information to the public. My main projects included updating the WFO's severe weather graphics to more cleaner and visually appealing. As a student volunteer, I participated in outreach events that involved educating students on severe weather, visiting news stations to work on NWS-Media relationships, and attended the Integrated Warning Team Training (2023).

WAFB-TV Meteorology Intern

August 2022- Present


I am currently an intern at WAFB-TV in Baton Rouge, LA, under the supervision of morning meteorologist Dr. Steve Caparotta. I forecast the 10-day weather outlook for local and surrounding areas at the station by analyzing forecast models and fill out a forecast sheet. I put together a weather segment using on-air graphics and practice in front of the chroma key. I am learning to create and edit graphics using the IBM, The Weather Company Max Storm software. In addition, I am gaining experience writing practice web stories explaining the current and upcoming forecasts.

tiger-tv Weather reporter

October 2022-Present

As a weather reporter for LSU Tiger-TV, I forecast and record a weather segment for the LSU Tiger-TV Tuesday Newsbeat show. Along with the recorded segment, I write a web copy describing what I discuss in the segment and post the weather segment and copy to the Tiger-TV website and Twitter account. I recorded weather segments for the LSU home games that air during the Tiger-TV game day show during football season. I build graphics for all of my weather segments using IBM, The Weather Company Max Storm software and record the forecasts using chroma key. 


January 2022-may 2022


In the 2022 spring semester, I worked for the LSU Academic Center for Student Athletes (ACSA) as a geography content tutor. I tutored student athletes in GEOG 2050 Physical Geography: The Atmosphere and GEOG 2051 Physical Geography: Land and Water Surfaces, Plant and Animal Realms. I worked with students to clarify learning problems and implemented strategies that aid with learning atmospheric science and geography concepts. I was awarded "ACSA Tutor of The Month" for the month of April 2022. 

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